Jennifer Tilly's $160,000 Bad Beat

3 years ago
Jennifer Tilly's $160,000 Bad Beat
28 Feb

Jennifer Tilly, Oscar award winner and Bride of Chucky, took quite a beating on the poker tables recently. Tilly tweeted a picture of her looking glumly at her quad tens while Bob Bright tries not to look like he’s licking cream out of his whiskers in front of him is the 8h-7h that flopped him a straight flush.

The photo is not high enough resolution to do an accurate chip count, but Tilly certainly has roughly 80k in purple $500 and yellow $1,000 chips. Bob has her covered though in brown $25k chips alone which means every penny of hers is in the pot.

That’s at least $160,000 that’s not going back to Hollywood from Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, where the hand took place.

In a hilarious turn of fate the photo appears on her timeline directly above a Tweet in which she says:

“I think the Lucky Buddha must’ve been happy with the dollar I gave him”.

There is some speculation in the comments as to how all the money got in the middle. Such a wet flop might have made Tilly cautious getting it in on the flop with just a set.

A more likely theory is that she should have tipped the Buddha more than a buck.

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