JNandez Releases a New Vlog…and It’s a Snoozefest

2 years ago
JNandez Releases a New Vlog…and It’s a Snoozefest
29 Nov

Fernando Habegger, the Swiss PLO crusher better known by his online nickname JNandez87 has just released the first of his new vlog series – months after the internet drama that saw him call out Doug Polk as the ‘little, little bitch behind the camera’

Scandal and drama aside, when someone is so well-respected as a player, a new vlog is bound to get tongues wagging and players of all levels interested, so how does JNandez’s offering stand up in what is a very busy little industry indeed…

Interesting concept

Titled ‘Why Sundays can be lifesavers for POKER PLAYERS’, episode 1 has a good premise, Habegger looking at how the busy Sunday schedule can help you to save an otherwise shitty weekend, the man himself appearing to chuck $25k over a painful Friday and Saturday.

It starts, as so many vlogs do nowadays, with the star of the story at home – normal for an online player of course, as opposed to the live casino crew – and the inevitable pet, in this case Nandez’s cat.

Great content for PLO buffs, but…

After that short interlude, we’re off and running – the only problem being we are running about 5 tournaments at once and most of them are PLO! Quite high-level PLO at that, and Habegger doesn’t hang around.

Hand after hand is shown, but way too quickly for a relative Omaha newbie like myself. Pause the vlog? Sure, but the explanations are at any rate pretty thin for those not well-versed in the game.

…why is this a vlog?

This also begs the question… why use the vlog format at all if you are just running through multiple hand histories? The answer has to be… no good reason at all. It’s like a highlights reel from a stream.

We do get an insight into Nandez’s skill level, and I always enjoy seeing a good online player’s playing set-up, but unless he has plans to personalise his content, I doubt I’ll be back for more.

How to improve it?

At the very least, Nandez should stick his face in a little pop-up window so we can see him walking and talking us through the hands. Cut down the number of hands and give us a little more info on why he’s doing what he’s doing, and what we might learn from it!

I guess it’s easier for a live player to show us something interesting – people, places, incidents – but if Nandez wants more than his (admittedly numerous) PLO faithful to come along for the ride, he has to find a way to engage players like me – and probably the majority of you out there too!


Nice try Nandez, definitely something for the PLO fans and some impressive scores in the new vlog, but you really need to find a better ‘hook’ for the rest of us!

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