John Hesp Secures 1st Cash Since Heroic Main Event Run

1 year ago
John Hesp Secures 1st Cash Since Heroic Main Event Run
12 Oct

England’s John Hesp, the amateur poker player became a massive hit this summer when he finished 4th in the World Series of Poker Main Event scooping $2.6million, cashed again last week – his first since hitting the headlines with his amazing run, outlandish attire and down-to-earth behaviour.

Hesp’s amazing run in the $10K buy-in Main Event in Vegas was all the more surprising given that his previous poker experience was of £10 buy-ins at his local casino in Hull – and it was another one of Napoleons Casino & Restaurant Hull Recurring Tournaments in Hull which brought him his latest payday – a £200 cash for coming 7th in the £10 re-buy!

The 64-year old from Bridlington celebrated his $2.6million summer win – his Vegas trip part of the ‘bucket list’ the semi-retired businessman had drawn up – with a weekend in a caravan in his home county of Yorkshire and has recently been in talks to produce a movie based on his poker exploits.

Hesp told the Hull Daily Mail: "I got contacted by two or three producers when I was out in Vegas, including some Hollywood names, but I elected to go with a UK-based company," and joked that he would be happy for George Clooney to represent him on the silver screen.

The grandfather of seven explained that 'the offer is formalized in writing' and is 'about 90 per cent' completed, with only the smaller legal details to be finalized which are being handled by his lawyers.

After his 4th place finish in Vegas, Hesp told reporters:

“I play poker recreationally and I will continue to do so. I won’t be turning into a professional poker player,” adding: “I love Bridlington and going to work there and being with my wife. I couldn’t be away from her and my family for months on end​ playing in tournaments​, I would get too lonely. I want to stay an amateur and continue having fun and enjoying tournaments and competitions.”

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