Kevin Hart Banned From Las Vegas

1 year ago
Kevin Hart Banned From Las Vegas
16 Apr

American comedian Kevin Hart has told how he is no longer allowed to go to Las Vegas. The keen gambler explained to the audience on the Jimmy Kimmel show that his betting record from Vegas trips is less than stellar.

While Hart doesn’t say exactly how he is banned, we can assume that his wife Eniko Parrish has something to do with it. After all, whoever heard of a wife that was happy with their spouse throwing cash down the drain, even if they are worth around $150 million.

We all know that Hart is a poker fan, but he also told how he loves a game of blackjack. Either way, whether it’s poker or casino tables games, Hart is one of many that has left Las Vegas all chewed up and spat out.

What isn’t clear yet is if an exception will be made for the upcoming World Series of Poker in a few weeks. Hart was recruited by PokerStars in 2017 to change the face of poker and surely can’t resist the lure of a life - changing sum from one of the high roller events on offer during the summer.

It’s also possible that following his pending boxing bout with Antonio Esfandiari Hart will need to blow off some serious steam. Hart offered the much taller Esfandiari 35 to 1 odds on a wager where we still don’t know the sum of money involved. If such confidence is being displayed then he will surely be embarrassed if he loses. Time will tell.

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