Las Vegas Gambler Drives RV Through Casino Windows

2 years ago
Las Vegas Gambler Drives RV Through Casino Windows
29 Oct

A female gambler who was thrown out of the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas returned shortly afterwards and smashed through the casino entrance in an RV, seriously injuring one employee and destroying the front of the building

The incident occurred at just before 6am Friday morning, the recreational vehicle driven straight through the casino entrance by a 50-year old woman who was arrested at the scene, according to police.

A 66-year old male ‘custodian for the hotel-casino’ was badly injured during the incident, and was taken to hospital in critical condition.

News reports state that a security guard for the Boyd Gaming-owned casino and hotel ‘physically removed the woman from the RV and called police’. This, said police, likely saved others from injury.

Police spokesman Eric Leavitt stated:

“A little bit farther and it would have been into the table games,” adding that after hitting the employee, “…she kept gassing it.”

The casino owners provided the following statement:

“We are focused and concerned on the welfare of our team member and we are in touch with the team member and their family to make sure he’s ok.”

Police reports indicate that neither alcohol nor drugs are believed to have been found in the arrested woman’s system.

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