Liv Boeree Eyes Up Chess World Title

3 years ago
Liv Boeree Eyes Up Chess World Title
02 Dec

Is chess the new poker? Perhaps not, but the game of kings certainly caught the eye of PokerStars pro Liv Boeree and her other half Igor Kurganov, the pair in London to watch Magnus Carlsen retain his World Championship crown against US challenger Fabiano Caruana

Boeree wasn’t the only poker player to take a keen interest in the match, and commentator Alexander Grischuk – super-Grandmaster and poker fanatic even managed to slip his own poker analogy in during the nail-biting tiebreaks…

Chess and poker have long been occasional bedfellows, the strategic mindset a common trait between the games, female Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade known for her mastery of both games…

Daniel Negreanu has also been bitten by the chess bug, sharing one of his online efforts just last month…

…while fellow pros Dan Smith and Dan Harrington are both noted for being chess champions before they turned their attention to poker…

Of course, chess/poker events have been held before, but if we could get all of the above to play it would be quite some show!

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