Liv Boeree’s Vegas House of Horrors

4 years ago
Liv Boeree’s Vegas House of Horrors
26 Jun

Checking into an Airbnb apartment is often an adventure in itself, part-excitement/part-nervousness at what awaits, but for Liv Boeree and boyfriend Igor Kurganov the Vegas version left them fearing the worst… a Twilight Zone of scary dolls only the first of their problems…

Far-removed from the usual opulence or high-end modernity poker superstars are used to, Liv found herself alone for the first night – and she wasn’t at all sure there would even be a second night to worry about…

…her worst fears not helped by her fans’ attempts to ‘allay her fears’

It wasn’t just the creepy dolls and gross décor that had the English poker rose worried, however, with boyfriend Igor arriving and discovering the remnants of what may or may not have been a ‘clean-up’ job more suited to a horror flick…

…again prompting followers of the poker couple to add their spine-tingling tuppenceworth…

Little House of Horrors or just bad taste in home décor? Hopefully Liv and Igor will still be around this time tomorrow to let us know!

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