Dan Bilzerian’s $5 Million Car Collection

11 months ago
Dan Bilzerian’s $5 Million Car Collection
14 Apr

Dan Bilzerian, the self-styled king of Instagram and number one playboy of his generation, has never been shy to flaunt his wealth. The American pleasure seeker has always been keen to show exactly what he can afford to his social media followers, so let’s take a look at the best part of his toy selection: The $5 million car collection.

Mercedes-Benz Brabus G63 AMG 6x6

This luxury pickup truck was only on the market for two years. In 2015 it was decided to discontinue the model to give it an air of exclusivity. With an eye-watering $1.5 million price tag today, we think their idea worked.

Lamborghini Aventador

Easily the most beautiful car in the collection, this Italian dream comes with a $400,000 asking price. With customised white trim and bespoke black wheels, this machine is the car most likely to impress the fairer sex out of anything in his garage. The license plate reads “Mr Goat”, but we don’t think it likely that his pets Beatrice or Zeus travel much in this beast.

1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427

This vintage beauty is worth close to $2 million even before we discuss the upgrade trickery that Bilzerian has had done. It goes to show how little regard he has for his own money because this stunning piece of engineering is regularly taken down to the local test track for a blast, and even the occasional race.

Bentley Continental GT

With a much more sensible cost, this business-like choice fits well for driving between board meetings. At almost $200,000 it’s unlikely that Bilzerian can even remember what he paid.

The Rest

Even with all of these toys with ridiculous price tags, Blizerian is still happy to find time for something at the cheaper end of the market. Take, for example, this Toyota Land Cruiser.

At nearly 50-years-old this is the day-to-day choice for when he’s out doing something with his friends.

This Polaris RZR 900 is worth less than $20,000 but looks like a great toy for some off-roading whenever the mood takes.

And last but not least, this Instagram post shows what he’s all about.

Fun cars, women and guns. Everything he seems to love.

With all of the add-ons and upgrades these cars have it’s certain that the total price tag comes to more than $5 million. Chicken feed to this guy!

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