MadMen Star Jon Hamm on Poker Night Live

8 months ago
MadMen Star Jon Hamm on Poker Night Live
22 Jun

He was the stylish star of one of the most successful period dramas ever created in the US, the man responsible for a million crushes on his character Don Draper, and last night ‘Mad Men’ actor Jon Hamm had a starring role in Poker Night in America

Hamm’s love of poker goes way back, before Mad Men made him a household name, though home games were the order of the day and comedians were his main friends and rivals in them, Poker Night LIVE’s Joe Stapleton the main ‘funnyman’ of last night’s show…

Hamm was joined by a slew of other notables for the season finale, rapper and songwriter Hoodie Allen among them – regular readers of PokerTube probably recalling the recent interview I did with the award-winning chart-topper, Allen himself tweeting about last night’s line-up…

Tiffany Michelle was the lucky one to get Hamm all to herself for a bit, however, interviewing the star before the game kicked off… with Hamm inventing a new word to describe West Wing star and erstwhile poker fanatic Josh Molina

Those wanting to see how well Hamm did against against his fellow Hollywood crew can watch the episode soon on the PNiA website or look out for its slot on the syndicated CBS Sports Network coverage.

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