Players in "Molly's Game" to Appear on Poker Night Live

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12 Jun

It's unlikely that Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire will be there, but several players involved in the high stakes poker games hosted by Poker Princess Molly Bloom and made famous in print and film in "Molly's Game" will play a low stakes game of poker on Poker Night Live.

Set to air June 12 on the CBS Sports Network from Gardens Casino in Los Angeles, the players scheduled to compete in the $2/$5 NLHE cash game are Irv Gotti, Nick Cassavetes, Reagan Silber and Andy Bellin. So said poker commentator and funnyman Joe "Stapes" Stapleton in a recent Twitter post:

Molly's Game was a hit at the box office. The jury is still out on Poker Night Live, a 2018 production of the Poker Night in America gang. I could find only one "user review" of Poker Night Live at an IMDb website and the individual who did the reviewing had less than flattering things to say.

Calling himself "LizardKing970512," the reviewer posted the following:

"The 'celebrity's' that they bring on, well they can barely be considered celebrity's but with that said they are all AWFUL poker players. Also the host isn't funny or talented in any way and is ULTRA annoying, talking throughout most hands as does everyone else. Hardly any poker is played... I'd rather watch static on my tv set"

You can't please everybody.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the real life players scheduled to participate in the low stakes action: Irv Gotti is a record producer and the founder of Murder Inc. Records; Nick Cassavetes is an actor and director with a half-dozen cashes on his poker resume; Reagan Silber is a lawyer, investor and hedge fund co-founder; and Andy Bellin is a director and screenwriter.

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