Man Shows His Card Then Loses $65K Pot in Crazy Cash Game

1 year ago
Man Shows His Card Then Loses $65K Pot in Crazy Cash Game
04 Sep

What was supposed to be a causal $5/$5/$5 cash game turned out better for Eric Hicks than he could have ever imagined - the Arizona man racked up a $65K stack before the official game even started.

Live At the Bike posted the crazy hand on their Twitter feed.

The video only captured the action on the river, unfortunately, so we don’t get to see exactly how the pot ballooned up to $15,000 in an “allegedly” $5/$5 game.

What we do see is A52 on the flop, K on the turn and 4 on the river, as well as the player known as “Bitcoin Yoda” betting $10K, then asking the tanking Hicks if it would help if he saw a card.

Hicks evidently said yes, so Yoda obediently turned over a 3 - letting his opponent know for sure that he had at least a 5-high straight. Hicks in return 3-bet to $25K, Yoda called and had to be faced with 76 - a 7-high flush that beat his wheel. By exposing his card Yoda made sure Hicks knew he didn’t have to worry about a higher flush.

That $65K is no small potato for Hicks - actually, this single pot is more than half of his biggest live tournament cash to date, $101K.

As for “Bitcoin Yoda” (he might want to check his Poker Beginner's Guide), exposing one of your hole cards than winning a big pot might make you look like a master manipulator at the table - legends about Jack Strauss getting through bluff that way are still around, in fact it had made it into the big screen in the Stu Ungar biopic

However, it actually gives your opponent way too much information, cutting down the combinations in your range drastically. It’s very unlikely this unorthodox move has any benefit, especially against competent players.

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