México Fuerte: Poker Players Unite to Support the Central Mexico Earthquake Relief Efforts

2 years ago
México Fuerte: Poker Players Unite to Support the Central Mexico Earthquake Relief Efforts
27 Sep

Mexican poker community unites to raise money and to help out those affected by the Central Mexico earthquake.

A 7.1. Magnitude earthquake struck Central Mexico, hitting the states of Puebla, Morelos and the Greater Mexico City area. At the time of writing, more than 40 buildings collapsed as a result of the quake, killing 333 people, 194 in Mexico City alone, and over 5,400 were injured.

This came just 12 days after an even stronger earthquake near the state of Chiapas. It was so strong that it prompted people to evacuate buildings in Mexico City and generated a tsunami of waves 1.75 meters (5 ft, 9 in) above tide level, leaving 98 dead and over 300 injured

This tragedy has touched many lives, including several professional poker players living in Mexico. JC Alvarado, Angel Guillen, Alfredo Delgado, Aaron Neem and others have rallied the Mexican poker community to raise funds for those affected. 

The group of poker players got together to help, setting up a PayPal link at first but that soon evolved into MexicoFuerte.org.

México Fuerte is trying to raise $15,000, covering operation costs and purchases of goods, which are then delivered to shelters, rescuers, and communities affected by the quake.

The response from the community has been, frankly, heart warming, with people from all over the world doing their best to help however they can. 

For the sake of transparency, you can keep up with their work through their blog, which goes as far back as September the 20th, a day after the earthquake. 

Their first post titled "We are in action/Estamos en acción" chronicles how they were able to distribute rescue kits, portable stoves, medicine, and equipment to the people of Mexico City.

A second entry from the same day has a video that documents Mexico Fuerte's first activity

The next day, they were able to give Topos Mexico (a non-profit group of rescuers) specialized digging equipment with the money donated to them by the poker community.

In its third day of existence, Mexico Fuerte traveled to the state of Morelos, where they donated goods to the small towns of La Nopalera and Jumiltepec, as well as the larger municipality of Yautepec de Zaragoza.

You can follow México Fuerte's progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and donate through Paypal or Venmo on MexicoFuerte.org.

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