Michael Borovetz Pleads Guilty

1 year ago
Michael Borovetz Pleads Guilty
03 Dec

Michael Borovetz has finally pled guilty to a singular theft charge after years of scamming people out of their money at airports across the United States. Borovetz, who claims to be a poker player, was previously arrested back in August this year after law authorities caught him traveling from Seattle to Miami for a poker tournament.

However, this is not Borovetz’s first rodeo. In the past,  Borovetz has been accused of scamming people on at least 43 separate instances, across 13 different states.

Five weeks ago, during October, Borovetz actually pled guilty, but it was later made public that he was unable to post ten percent of the trial bond, which was $10,000 of the original $100,000. Borovetz has a long history in scamming people for money and is why the bond sits at such a significant amount.

The issue has been going on for so long that back in 2014, Borovetz went on the Joe Ingram podcast and talked about his scamming practices in a two part video:

Having already spent some time behind bars, Borovetz’s court date is scheduled for December 12th, 2019 where he is likely to have to serve a further sentence behind bars The court also brought to light that Borovetz didn’t do a great job in cooperating at the hearing either. He instead, remained mute and refused to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, presumably having a defense attorney to speak on his behalf.

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