Mike Sexton’s Tale of Teenage Poker With a Gold Dust Twin

9 months ago
Mike Sexton’s Tale of Teenage Poker With a Gold Dust Twin
23 Sep

partypoker chairman Mike Sexton has close to six decades of poker tales to tell, and last week the Hall of Famer has revealed how the game got its hooks firmly in to him as a teenager – losing his newspaper delivery wages along the way!

Known as the ‘Ambassador of Poker’, the legendary former WPT commentator held his Borgata Poker Open table enthralled with the story of how he learned the game as a 13-year old.

“I was taught to play poker by a guy named Danny Robinson,” Mike explains, relating how Robinson would later team up with Chip Reese.

That partnership saw the duo head to Vegas in 1973 with a $1000 bankroll, turning it into $1million and earning themselves the nickname ‘The GoldDust Twins’.

Before that, however, Robinson was simply a friend who would prove unbeatable at cards, Sexton explaining:

"Little did I know at the time he would go on to become the most famous and legendary 7-card stud player in the world".

Robinson was already a shrewd operator it seems, selling Mike his newspaper route – Sexton up at 4am every day of the week to deliver the days’ news – and then winning Mike’s pay every Friday night.

“I’d go out and collect from the customers, and when I’d get back, there would be Danny shuffling the cards on my back porch – and he’d beat me out of all my money!”

Despite his mother’s protestations - “Don’t play with Danny, he’s too good for you!” – Mike and his friends would continue their card-playing and betting, all of them sports buffs with none of the other teenage vices to distract them.

It was only when Sexton went to college that he realised those defeats to Robinson had actually hidden the fact he was himself an excellent cardplayer.

“Little did I know until I got away from Danny that I had a knack for cards – ‘cos he kept me broke all the time when I was a kid!”

 Playing against the normal guys in his dorm at Ohio State University, Mike explained:

"Whether we played gin rummy, whether we played hearts, whether we played poker – I finally realised, ‘Hey, I’m better than all these guys playing cards'”.

Although both Robinson, and his legendary ‘Gold Dust twin’ Reese, have sadly since passed away, Mike Sexton is still going strong – a man who never forgets where he came from and who helped him get to where he is.

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