Missing Poker Player Jon Jonsson ‘Killed by Accident Over Missing Money’ Sources Claim

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Missing Poker Player Jon Jonsson ‘Killed by Accident Over Missing Money’ Sources Claim
08 Oct

There has been a dramatic and potentially deadly twist in the case of missing Icelandic poker player Jon Jonsson, police recently told that he was in fact ‘accidentally killed’ in a row over money lost in an illegal poker game.

41-year old Jonsson went missing in Dublin early last year while in the city for the Dublin Poker Festival. As we reported at the time, Jonsson left his Bonnington Hotel room on Saturday February 9 and then seemingly vanished without a trace

This week, however, as reported by Ali Bracken for the Independent newspaper in Ireland:

‘police in Iceland have been informed that Jonsson was killed "by accident" by a fellow countryman after a falling out over squandered gambling money.’

The shocking news centres on an imprisoned criminal in Jonsson’s homeland, who claims that Jonsson lost ‘more than €4,000’ belonging to an Icelandic criminal’ the night before he went missing.

Descriptions of the illicit highstakes poker game state that it was frequented by other ‘foreign nationals’ and that when Jonsson attempted to leave after losing some of the money he was prevented from doing so and "given a few slaps" by other card players.

The €4,000 reputedly lost by Jonsson was said to be buy-in money for several other poker players in town for the festival. The following morning, the day father of four Jonsson disappeared, it is believed he had gone to meet the man who had given him the money.

The jailed Icelandic criminal source, not believed to have been in Ireland at the time of Jonsson’s disappearance and possible death, recently put Jonsson’s family in touch with a woman "close to him".

Information revealed by the sources allege that Jonsson was killed “by accident” during the meeting by the money man, another Icelandic criminal, angry about Jonsson losing it.

According to Bracken, the family and girlfriend of Jonsson are aware of the claims but have so far not commented, while Gardaí (Irish police) at Ballymun continue to actively investigate the case.

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