Natural8 to Crush the GG Masters 2020 with Massive Overlays

6 months ago
Natural8 to Crush the GG Masters 2020 with Massive Overlays
01 May

Tournament overlays are a poker player’s dream. Everyone knows how tight the margins are to rack up a profit these days, so when you see an event that doesn’t make the guarantee you should be on it right away.

This is Natural8’s latest marketing tool that will be used to expand the N8GGMasters 2020.

Under normal circumstances an overlay is exactly what a poker room looks to avoid, but in this case Natural8 are welcoming it with a warm attitude. Their customers mean everything to them and they are doing everything to show that.

GGMasters 2020

 Let’s make this situation crystal clear. Natural8 are deliberately offering guarantees that they know are unlikely to ever be met with their current customer base. This isn’t bothering them one bit.

This tournament has run 17 times already this year and 14 of those saw the guarantee not met. $6,188,274  has been paid out in prize money with a $464,448 shortfall made up by the bosses at Natural 8.

All of this overlay is huge extra profits in the pockets of the players.

You should see by now that the Sunday showpiece event is something that shouldn’t be missed if you have any interest in tournament poker.

Every Sunday at 17.00 (UTC+0) you can join the action for a $150 buy-in.

Always Improving

A Natural8 spokesperson recently said:

"We're constantly looking for ways to grow the N8GGMasters 2020 Tournament. Even though there has been a significant amount we've had to make up in overlays, we continuously increase guarantees so players will have more incentive to participate. The guarantees started at $250,000 in January and are now at $500,000 so the numbers really speak for themselves."

In a strange game of chicken with the laws of probability the head honchos at Natural8 have been going against the grain every time the guarantee wasn’t met.

Rather than decreasing it for the following week’s edition, they actually ramped it up even more. Starting at $250,000 in stages the guarantee jumped up to $500,000. This is great press and just the fun attitude that we want to see from poker providers.

In a great show of support from tournament players all over the globe the number of entrants has increased from 1,600 in the inaugural running up to 3,600 in the latest.

Not only are Natural8 giving away cash by the bucket load in different ways, they are also offering the opportunity to become a brand ambassador alongside some illustrious names

This is a poker room that is going places fast. It’s worth checking out the platform just for the innovative Fish Buffet bonus scheme.

“Newcomers get access to exclusive promos like the $1,688 200% First Deposit Bonus and $500 Weekly Deposit Freeroll.” 

For all information regarding the GGMasters 2020 and the Asian Poker Tour that is coming soon check out Natural8 here.

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