Negreanu Leaps to Kessler’s Defence as Deeb Trolls WSOP Markup

2 years ago
Negreanu Leaps to Kessler’s Defence as Deeb Trolls WSOP Markup
26 Apr

The WSOP isn’t even upon us yet, but the bitching has started already, with Shaun Deeb having a go at Allen Kessler, and Daniel Negreanu riding to Chainsaw’s defence…

Poker’s biggest troll, Shaun Deeb, sparked the spat by tweeting under the nickname ‘Markup police’:

“If you or a loved one is being taken advantage by a desperate pokerplayer trying to take your hard earned money in high markup feel free to contact me for help”.

Kessler had posted his WSOP package plan for investors on the 2+2 forum, with mark-up set at 1.2 or 1.05, the latter number for $10k buy-in events.

Last month saw another Deeb attack on someone’s mark-up, with YouTube poker vlogger ‘Johnnie Vibes’ the target…

In the case of popular vloggers or TwitchTV streamers, a high mark-up might reflect the fact that their fans get to sweat their favourite player, or they are happy to pay extra for excellent content.

Kessler is in a different category, a long-time tournament pro who is known for his ability to consistently cash, rather than win huge events.

The attack on him wasn’t very well received, Mike Gorodinsky pulling Deeb up for his ‘petty and mean’ take on Kessler’s offer…

…while KidPoker was most vociferous in Chainsaw’s defence…

For those who don’t know what mark-up is, or how it works, here are the basics.

  • A player wants to sell shares of himself in an event or series
  • They set a price for themselves, usually based on previous results
  • A price of 1.05 means that if you buy 10% of his action in a $10k event, you pay $1050
  • The mark-up, in this instance 0.05/$50, is used to offset the player’s expenses
  • Mark-up varies from player to player – in general, better or more successful players charge higher rates.

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