Does Johnnie Vibes Have the Best Poker VLOG?

1 year ago
Does Johnnie Vibes Have the Best Poker VLOG?
16 Jul

Johnnie Vibes is a relative newcomer to the world of poker vlogging. Only eight months ago he arrived on the YouTube scene with the intention of recording his poker adventures in the glitz and glamour that Las Vegas offers. 

The job he has done so far has stunned vlogging fans throughout the poker community with his slick camera work and solid video editing skills. What makes his content stand out is the mix of “out and about” talking to the camera with some great hand analysis thrown in. He makes you feel like you’re in the conversation with him, with various parts of Las Vegas as the background. It doesn’t take a lot of watching these vlogs to give you a massive itch to get on a plane to go and grind some $5/$10 in casinos such as the Wynn and Bellagio.

Johnnie Vibes - or Johnnie Moreno as his mother calls him - is a relatively unknown player in the poker world, but more importantly, he comes across as a likeable guy and is poised to grow his channel to challenge the biggest poker vlogging names if he keeps up this kind of high-quality. Most of the poker we have seen is hand reviews of what appears to be his staple game - $5/$10 cash games, but a look back over his tournament career shows three cashes in the World Series of Poker Main Event in the last five years - including this year! 

After starting the year with around 5,000 subscribers he was adding 1,000 per month until April when his monthly increase doubled to 2,000 each month. Now he is only just shy of 15,000 channel subscribers and will surpass that landmark this month. 2018 has also seen him increase his monthly view count from 250,000 to almost 900,000. Impressive stuff.

This young man can certainly play poker, but does he have the best poker vlog? In our opinion, he probably does.

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