Negreanu Reveals Relationship Breakup on Latest Vlog

4 years ago
Negreanu Reveals Relationship Breakup on Latest Vlog
28 Jun

Daniel Negreanu was putting a brave face on for the camera during his WSOP day 25 vlog as he confirmed his breakup with long-time girlfriend Marisa – the PokerStars pro having a horrible World Series so far, burning through $333,212 to add to his woes.

Negreanu was responding to many comments on Twitter and elsewhere which asked the whereabouts of his partner of four years, Marisa Rachelle Rodney, who has been a staple of his WSOP vlogs both last year and this, until recently that is…

“To make a long story short”, starts Negreanu, “about two weeks ago Marisa and I decided to part ways after 4 years.” 

He then goes on to explain that the couple had put in “a lot of hard work” to make the relationship work, but to no avail – describing their compatibility as like trying to fit two pieces into a puzzle, “and they sort of fit, but they’re not the exactly right pieces for that puzzle”.

“Ultimately, for her and for me, I think it’s for the best”, Daniel continues, explaining that he expects they will remain good friends.

Negreanu met Marisa at a charity event back in 2014, the Vegas hairstylist later becoming a regular part of Negreanu’s excellent WSOP vlogs. Previously, however, Negreanu was linked with a string of girls – as John Williams described for PokerTube just a few months ago.

Despite the pain of the breakup, Negreanu has been battling bravely in his attempt to land a 7th WSOP gold bracelet, but as he explains throughout his latest vlog the brutal beatdowns are wearing him down.

The title of his latest video, ‘Pain Threshold nearing Zero’, describes his most recent bust-out of the $10k Limit Hold’em event, with an interesting hand history to go with it, and as usual he shares his buy-ins vs cashes score towards the end…


All that’s left for Dnegs is to return to his apartment and his pair of beautiful little dogs, Rocky and Apollo – named after the stars of his favourite movie series, Rocky…

…and get ready for another day at the tables, with a speech celebrating Maria Ho being inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame as a morning warm-up.

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