New Airborne Vegas Comedy Soars on Fox

1 year ago
New Airborne Vegas Comedy Soars on Fox
04 Jan

Airing on the second day of 2018, LA to Vegas is a new Fox Channel comedy set on a low-rent weekend shuttle flight in and out of Vegas. 

The show and plane are piloted by Captain Dave played by Dylan McDermott (The Practice) and his co-pilot Amir Talai (The Circle); the staff are played by Kim Matula (How I Met Your Mother) and Nathan Lee Graham (Zoolander); with regular passengers brought to life by Peter Stormare as a gambling pro (Prison Break), Olivier Macklin as a stripper (The Young Pope), and Ed Weeks (Dick and Dom’s Funny Business) as a divorcee with a kid in LV.

The ensemble cast have described it as being Love Boat in the sky, with as each episode spanning one weekend round trip. Into Vegas on the Friday and out on the Sunday, shenanigans taking place in between.

Open Night Controversy

The first episode nearly ran afoul of current events though with the line “The chapel’s next to a gun range.” Which is a cute gag about Las Vegas’ quickie wedding industry, rendered less cute in the wake of 2017’s mass shooting.

The gag was almost cut. Mostly because Bycel who produces along with – among others – Will Ferrell and creator Lon Zimmet, is a Vegas local and wanted the show to stay respectful of the city.

“Vegas is a very special place, a very cool place,” Bycel said. “I love this city. And I think our main job is when we represent it, we want to represent it well.”

Which doesn’t bode well for what is billed as an irreverent comedy and is set around a city that is known for its venal and venereal attractions. 

Where to Next

That said, Lon Zimmet who also created the shiny-happy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is pretty good at generating biting satire behind an innocent smile, and opening reviews of the show are positive. Both Den of Geek and Screen Rant giving it a standing ovation in digital-ink, and others seem to be getting on board with the shows particular ‘zany’ temperament.

Future episodes will get out of the aircraft and into the airport and city, perhaps sapping the show of what was an otherwise interesting constraint. We will have to wait till next week to see if the show has any sticking power, but for now it looks like the show is set to soar at about 32,000 feet and 300 knots.

We’ll just have to roll the dice a few more times to see where it lands.

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