Nick Schulman No Longer PokerGO Commentator

1 year ago
Nick Schulman No Longer PokerGO Commentator
12 Jul

Nick Schulman’s Main Event would appear to be over for the second time this year, his day three bustout as a player followed by an apparent day five removal from commentary duties

Schulman’s PokerGO commentary alongside Ali Nejad was seemingly ended after this year’s $10k PLO8 champion stated on ESPN's broadcast:

“if you want to get better at poker, then don’t watch the Main Event”.  

Twitter was soon alight with comments defending the popular pro’s comments, Tim Reilly explaining his views quite clearly…

Hundreds of similarly supportive tweets soon followed, most following the same template…

Amid the confusion surrounding Schulman’s removal, reports came in that perhaps his comments weren’t the reason at all, Daniel Negreanu claiming a simple ‘scheduling conflict’ was instead responsible…

As Twitter debated the issue, Negreanu claimed to have heard ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ later adding:

"I know the whole story and it had nothing to do with the comment." KidPoker explained: "They needed Norm [Norman Chad] and Lon [McEachern] for the taped edited shows and no one told Nick in time so he was justifiably upset by that".

According to CardsChat, ESPN poker commentator Chad backed up Negreanu’s version of events, stating that Schulman “was not removed from the PokerGo broadcast”.

Chad reportedly said:

"It’s a long story, and it has nothing to do with Nick or any personnel. It was a production decision.”

So, as day six dawns in the race to the $10million first prize in the prestigious Main Event, perhaps Nick Schulman will be calling the shots after all.

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