No More Gambling For Alleged Fraudster After Poker Livestream Appearance

11 months ago
No More Gambling For Alleged Fraudster After Poker Livestream Appearance
08 Jun

Victims of an alleged insurance fraud were disgusted when the man facing criminal charges in the case was seen on a livestream playing poker while on bail – a judge later banning him from gambling while out on bond.

Wyatt Green, the owner of Storm Restoration Specialists, LLC (also known as Storm RS) was charged with felony forgery, fraud and grand theft last month in connection with fraudulent insurance claims – victims of Hurricane Michael among those allegedly defrauded of $tens of thousands.

Recently, however, News4Jax’s I-team spotted Wyatt on a BestBet Live cash game stream, the Jacksonville man out on bail and playing $2/$5 NLHE, at one point up around $1300.

One of Green’s alleged victims, Kristen Wright, told News4Jax:

“That’s infuriating. You know, he’s telling everyone he’s already settled and he’s already paid and he hasn’t." She added: “He’s told everybody he’s trying to make it right, and clearly he’s not. He’s still out for his own benefit and doing his thing”.

Green stands accused of taking thousands of dollars in insurance payments intended for customers' repairs, work they claim wasn’t completed

The I-team passed information of Green’s poker playing to the State Attorney’s Office ‘who then filed to have a judge amend his bail’ according to News4Jax.

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