Party Poker Responds to Player Feedback By Abolishing More Fees

2 years ago
Party Poker Responds to Player Feedback By Abolishing More Fees
17 Nov

A pet peeve of many online poker players is getting dinged by silly fees that all too often come with the territory of playing the game online.

Fees for withdrawing, fees for credit card deposits, fees for being inactive - it all adds up and does nothing but slice into player profits. Sure, there are expenses involved regarding the financial transactions of poker room operators, but a player-friendly site would be able to absorb some of that expense, no?

Stop Playing Poker For Awhile? No Problem

Party Poker recently announced on their blog that feedback from players has resulted in the removal of the inactivity fee that kicked in when player accounts were dormant for six months. The fee was small, and it was refunded to players who reactivated their account, but it was a fee nonetheless - and perhaps the silliest of them all.

“It can be very frustrating for players who have taken a break from the game to find that the inactivity fee has been charged," stated Party Poker ambassador Patrick Leonard. "I think removing this fee altogether will be widely welcomed in the poker community and it also shows that Party Poker really is making good on its promise to take players’ opinions into account."

Communication is Key

A tip of the hat to Party Poker for listening to its players and responding positively. Getting rid of the inactivity fee follows in the same vein as Party's decision last year to abolish all withdrawal fees - regardless of the players' preferred payment option.

The inactivity fee had been in effect for more than a decade at Party Poker and is a standard operating procedure at a number of poker sites. Online poker forums are rife with new threads popping up every now and again from disgruntled players who had taken a break from action for awhile, only to come back to their favorite site and find money missing from their accounts.

“Listening to players is central to everything we do at Party Poker," said Poker Hall of Famer and site chairman Mike Sexton.

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