partypoker Cracks Down on Bot Accounts with $180,000 Seized in April

8 months ago
partypoker Cracks Down on Bot Accounts with $180,000 Seized in April
15 May

partypoker have seized a total of over $180,000 this month as it continues to crack down on the scourge of the online game, fraudulent bot activity, with refunds being prepared for players affected by the cheats…

The figures released today show that $143,908.10 was seized from the market and €34,546.17 from its ring-fenced market in France and Spain. 

94 bot accounts closed down

As part of the site’s ongoing attempts ‘to make the site a safer, fairer place to play’,partypoker closed down a total of 94 accounts associated with the bot problem, 39 from their wider market and 55 in the Franco-Spanish area.

The site is currently processing refunds from the entire pool of seized funds, which they say will be redistributed to all affected players.

Player and poker site teamwork required

partypoker players themselves provided information in a number of cases, 15 (38.5%) closures on the platform a direct result of player suspicions being shared with the site’s security team.

In France and Spain that figure was lower, 5 accounts (9%) on the back of player reporting, but the trend in player/site partnership in the drive to rid the online world of bot cheats is an encouraging one. 

Players urged to report suspicious activity

partypoker have reaffirmed their dedication to eradicating the bot accounts and are asking that players ‘continue to report all suspicious activity’ at its tables.

The email address for concerned players is and partypoker have promised to investigate all incidents reported

What happens when I report suspicious activity?

A specialist Poker Fraud Team spearheads the partypoker response to all concerns of unfair play, including bots.

An experienced group of former poker professionals, the PFT uses numerous resources to investigate each allegation or suspected problem account.

Security investment and regular updates

partypoker have stated they will continue to invest resources in the battle against bots and ‘pledges to update players on the account closures made every month’.

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