partypoker Elite Rakeback System Rewards the Grinders

4 years ago
partypoker Elite Rakeback System Rewards the Grinders
08 Feb

It’s been a while since anyone did anything for the high-volume poker players grinding out the tables and the hours that ensure there is always opposition, but now partypoker have taken steps to redress the balance, initiating an Elite VIP Club with up to 60% rakeback – as well as a host of other bonuses.

The Elite rakeback approach was once the pinnacle of online poker, with PokerStars SuperNovaElite (SNE) players regarded as the most hardcore of poker grinders – and rewarded well for their efforts.

However, when PokerStars dropped the ball and hoodwinked their SNE crew out of $millions, the high-volume grinders were left in a no-man’s land. Enter partypoker this week with a solution…

“We are extremely excited to take partypoker to the next level and reward our most loyal players with the introduction of Diamond Club Elite”, announced Tom Waters, partypoker MD.

The Elite version of the already successful Diamond Club is worth looking at in detail, as not only is the rakeback higher than anyone else in the industry, the bonuses on offer are seriously impressive.

  • Up to 60% Cashback
  • Full package to MILLIONS World, The Bahamas (in November 2019 worth over $16k)
  • Entry to MILLIONS Online (in 2019 worth $10,300)
  • Dedicated 24/7 support lines
  • VIP service at MILLIONS events
  • $10,000 Cash reward at $100,000 milestone
  • $20,000 Cash reward $200,000 milestone
  • Plus, the first players to achieve $200,000 in rake in both SPINS games and cash / fastforward games from February 1st will receive 100% rakeback

Of course the players aren’t getting all this for nothing – there’s the not-insignificant $200k in rake they have to make across a 12 month period, so only the most-committed of grinders will be looking at this with glee.

That being said, the Diamond Club already have close to 200 members, a fair number of who are hitting the targets already, so the uptake of the new Elite membership is likely to be relatively substantial.

The big bonus for the first two to hit the $200k mark will be a definite competitive draw for those who grind non-stop, Waters commenting:

“We’re also offering 100% cashback to the first two players who can hit the $200,000 target separately across either cash games or SIT & GO JACKPOTS – meaning incredible value for two of our valued VIPs.”

“We have already surpassed our target and we have signed up more today”, was the inside track last week, ahead of the February 1st launch.

Throwing in the MILLIONS Live and Online VIP bonuses is almost certainly a big draw, the partypoker events hitting new levels of participation this past year and likely to continue to do so in 2019.

Comparisons with other sites’ VIP programs, for those that have them, show partypoker to be raising the bar – the focus now not only on the recreational player who has been spoiled for choice over the past few years.

Adding in dedicated partypoker account managers and hospitality sporting events, is a natural move for the VIP Elite idea, but it’s that 60% rakeback figure that will be getting most of the attention throughout the next 12 months.

Last word to Waters, and he sells it well:

“The opportunity for our players to earn 60% cashback along with a fabulous MILLIONS World package and a seat at MILLIONS Online makes us the clear number one choice for VIP players in the online poker industry."

Full details of how to join the partypoker Diamond Club Elite can be found here.

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