partypoker Team Online Pro Matt Staples Launches Highlight Channel

1 year ago
partypoker Team Online Pro Matt Staples Launches Highlight Channel
25 May

partypoker Team Online pro Matty Staples has delighted his fans by launching a Highlights channel on YouTube, chunking the best of his recent TwitchTV streaming sessions – and wins! -  into smaller doses…

The younger brother of Jaime Staples, Matty has now forged his own place in the poker streaming world – partypokernaming him first in their talented lineup of Team Online stars.

Matty’s first highlight reel is a barnstorming takedown of the $109 partypoker Terminator, sharing the biggest hands and nerve-wracking battles on his way to victory in the Bounty Hunter event – a $4718.75 scoop that included $2,634.66 in head-hunting Bounty payments.

For those that don’t have the time to follow a full session – this tournament running for almost nine hours – the new Highlight format is an excellent way to connect with his audience, a 25-minute showreel of highs and lows and ultimately highs again.

As Matty explained when PokerTube caught up with him for an interview a couple of months ago, the partypoker Team Online deal will still leave him “free to create the content I always have on Twitch and my social media platforms”.

His enthusiasm for the game shines through in his streaming, although he did state:

“To be recognized by partypoker on this level and have a successful Twitch stream still blows my mind a little”. 

Even better for the 22-year old Canadian, his partypoker signing evidently hasn’t tied him completely – Matty popping across to his rivals for a quick visit and bagging a massive $92k score in the Sunday Million!

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