Patrick Leonard's Staking Pic Causes a Stir

3 years ago
Patrick Leonard's Staking Pic Causes a Stir
16 Oct

They’ve been around for years now, but somehow the poker ‘grindhouse’ has come under fire a lot this past week or two – with Patrick ‘plenopads’ Leonard’s snapshot of the BitB Staking house taking centre stage…

Recent complaints on online forums and within the community at large have seen ‘ghosting’ and ‘staking’ top the discussions, many feeling that players working ‘together’ are ruining the poker environment

Leonard’s photo of the new BitB offices, featuring himself and at least 6 others all working the Sunday online grind at the same time, may have raised eyebrows in the current climate of suspicion, but it’s perfectly innocent says Leonard.

‘Guys are way less likely to cheat like this, in front of other people,’ he tweeted back.

Joey Ingram, who has spent more time on non-poker stuff recently as his MMA nickname suggests, decided to use the Leonard tweet for a bit of fun…

…but not before confusing some with this ‘serious’ version…

Whatever the merits of stables sharing a playing space, and the associated ‘risks and benefits’ that go along with it, the discussion will likely continue for a while, although as Leonard pointed out:

‘There’s programs like Skype or whatever else where you can talk to people instantly you don’t need to be sitting next to them or send a pigeon carrier.’

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