Paul Newey Outplays Sam Trickett In £250k Cash Game Pot!

5 years ago
Paul Newey Outplays Sam Trickett In £250k Cash Game Pot!
08 Mar

The Sam Trickett Invitational £100/£200 NLHE game saw big name players Alex Goulder, Paul Newey and Michael Zhang joined by up and comers and rich businessmen regulars!

With over £1Million on the table and aggressive players in all corners, the live stream did not disappoint! Constant 6 figure pots, epic plays and some good chat along the way!

Trickett was in control of the game from the start, beating up on regs and fish along with taking some very none standard and confusing lines... He then he picks up pocket 7's vs Newey's pocket 3's and all hell breaks loose. 

I will not bore you with further details of this hand as the video says it all! The rich businessman made one of the greatest folds we have ever seen in UK poker history and left Trickett wondering what more he could have done to get all the chips!

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