Phil Galfond saves Negreanu vs Polk Grudge Match after Bill Perkins Causes Trouble Over Rules!

4 months ago
Phil Galfond saves Negreanu vs Polk Grudge Match after Bill Perkins Causes Trouble Over Rules!
19 Nov

The Grudge Match of the Century between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk blew up in a massive row over the rules, with Bill Perkins stirring the pot and Phil Galfond having to step in to save the day...

That tweet came at the end of a long day of bickering and insults, all started by Bill Perkins going public with a private discussion over the rules…

The match had only started after a long drawn out discussion over what the players could and couldn’t do, with Rule 4 in their final settlement reading: ‘No HUDs or hand trackers may be used’.

Perkins’ public tweet that DNegs was at a disadvantage had Polk raging, firing off a series of tweets of his own and describing it as ‘some of the most nit-picky bitch shit I have ever been a part of.’

“Now today Daniel messages me asking more or less this question 'Data mining is against NV regulation' and I’m not entirely sure how the term 'data mining' is defined. We agreed to taking notes, but does that include for example, writing down how often you cbet a flop? I responded saying, I viewed data mining as the automation of hands to provide data. IE a computer will be scraping the screen to and giving you frequencies. I then said I look at the replayer on WSOP to check how many times he opened a button or 3 bet my open each session."

Polk then turned his attention to ‘billionaire Bill’:

“Now Perkins tweets 'One party thinks its ok to manually enter in hand history to software and have frequency analysis done' ??? I did not enter any hand histories into any software. I opened up the client and looked at how many times he folded his button. We also have a judge to arbitrate this thing, and now Perkins is just firing off with SUPER MISLEADING accusations about what has happened in this match. Completely out of line. I cant believe I have to defend opening up the client and looking at a 400 hand session how many times my opponent folded the button. This is some of the most nit picky bitch shit I have ever been a part of.”

Meanwhile Perkins was also being called out by New York pro Will Jaffe, a 2-minute video ending with the incredible barb:

“Just because you fly to the Galapagos a couple of times a year and do acid with a bunch of extinct sea turtles and Dan Bilzerian doesn’t make you a self-help guru, it kind of just makes you a rich asshole” 

Perkins fired back:

“I appreciate your impossibly long Dickish video of you complaining there was a disagreement. You think I'm a rich asshole I think your a poor one. So eat a bag a Dicks. We clear.”

With the match seemingly under a cloud, into the affray stepped match arbitrator Phil Galfond, although wife Farrah had her own ideas of what Phil should be focusing on right now.

The only person not freaking out about the whole situation appeared to be DNegs, who claimed match victory in a joke tweet…

…and with Phil somehow sorting out the issues, we were back to our opening tweet, the Grudge Match of the Century ready to pick up where it left off.

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