Phil Hellmuth Declares $11m in Lifetime Cash Game Winnings

8 months ago
Phil Hellmuth Declares $11m in Lifetime Cash Game Winnings
16 Mar

Not content with bragging about his tournament record and 15 WSOP bracelets, Phil Hellmuth this week claimed to have won $11million in cash games across his career, as his Twitter feud with Daniel Negreanu escalated…

The long-time friends and rivals have been bickering ever since the Poker Brat publicly expressed disappointment in Negreanu’s play against Doug Polk in their Grudge Match.

DNegs wasn’t happy, hitting back by challenging Hellmuth to a heads-up battle, but stating:

“I think he’s chicken, to be honest with you. I think he’s scared. I think he knows he’s going to look bad.”

Hellmuth didn’t back down, and the pair are due to start their Highstakes Feud on March 31, to go with their recent $200k bet that Hellmuth can’t show a profit across 50 of the Aria’s $25k SHR tournaments.

The latest exchanges on Twitter have added to the hype, with Negreanu not accepting some of Phil’s weighty claims.

“Way ahead in high rollers? I’ll bet my money this is not true. You will say it is. I will say “OK let’s bet” and then you will say “I don’t want to bet.” Stick to the truth Phil. No need to embellish on your record. Your record is good. Just not in HRs.”

No mention of Phil’s cash game claims, but those are naturally much more difficult to evaluate. Given the right circumstances, anyone can win big in cash games, Dan Bilzerian for example claiming to have won $100million in private highstakes games.

Hellmuth has had plenty of cash game opportunities to build up his claimed $11million profit, with almost 60 appearances on Poker Night in America alone, as well as countless others on Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker.

His home games are an expensive affair as well, Phil noting a horrible week back in May 2016 where nothing went his way, starting with this…

…and then adding #RoughWeek a week later with the comment:

“Sigh, just realized that I WAS up $200,000 in 2016, now I'm down $120,000. I lost $140,000 last Monday & $100,000 this Monday.”

With more than $24million in lifetime tournament cashes to his name, and $multi-million endorsements for much of his career, as well as lucrative business ventures and investments, there’s no denying Hellmuth is a very wealthy man.

The big question is, how much of his riches – if any - can Negreanu take from him in their upcoming match? And if he doesn’t, there are others lining up to fleece Phil on the highroller circuit…

PokerTube will be following all the juiciest gossip and action from the Negreanu-Hellmuth match, so be sure to check in regularly.

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