Phil Ivey and Allen Iverson in Double or Nothing Battle

1 month ago
Phil Ivey and Allen Iverson in Double or Nothing Battle
09 Dec

Phil Ivey is no stranger to the concept given his well-documented years of gambling at the highest stakes, but his recent Double or Nothing challenge against NBA legend Allen Iverson was far removed from his casino adventures!

Ivey’s poker and Iverson’s hoop exploits were swapped for beer pong, building houses of cards and racing pedal trikes as the Hall of Famers in their respective games launched a new promotion for the Chinese mobile cardroom, Poker King.

Ivey needs no introduction to poker fans of course, the 43-year old Californian also a long-time fan of Macau’s biggest games as well as other Asian-based cardrooms – so seeing him represent PK is hardly a surprise.

Iverson, for those who don’t follow basketball, is as legendary to NBA as Ivey is to the WSOP, nicknamed A.I. or The Answer, and playing 14 years at the very pinnacle of the sport.

Both men are of course hugely popular, and appear to be having great fun in the WePoker-produced video, Iverson holing a crazy golf putt and Ivey providing the ‘Double or Nothing’ catchphrase.

The duelling duo then battle it out over a series of games, including swords/scissors/paper, with Ivey surprisingly sinking a huge three-pointer from the jacuzzi while Iverson misses!

A spot of leaf-blower cheating at the toy yacht races sees Ivey take the lead, with Iverson pulling him back with a masterful, Madison Square Gardens-inspired house of cards.

The finale, of course, is a poker showdown, with Iverson all-in and reaching for the chips with his straight…until Ivey points out: “You can touch them but you can’t take them!”, before revealing his winning full house.

The Poker King cardroom,, was obviously inspired by PokerStars #GameOn promo, featuring fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, and comedy actor, Kevin Hart.

That saw the two poker-loving celebrities engaged in their own series of challenges, Bolt stating he was ‘All-in for PokerStars’ to announce his celebrity endorsement.

Although Ivey tends to shy away from social media, his fans in the poker world will be lapping his latest appearance up, while Iverson’s monster following of millions will undoubtedly be a target for the cardroom’s marketing team.

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