Usain Bolt Is In All For PokerStars

2 years ago
Usain Bolt Is In All For PokerStars
09 Jun


It was as unexpected as, well, a bolt of lightning form a clear sky – the world’s fastest man ever Usain Bolt has signed for PokerStars, and warned fellow celebrity poker player Kevin Hart that he has him in his sights.

If you can’t hear the video clip, Bolt says:

“Hey little man, I hear you’ve been running your mouth again. Look out, I’ve just signed for PokerStars. I’m going to make sure poker is fast, not just funny!”

Hart, a good friend of Bolt’s who recently played the Super High Roller Bowl, missing out on the cash but winning lots of admirers for his good play, responded to the Jamaican’s jibe, tweeting…

Quite where Bolt fits in with the game of poker seems a bit unclear - Hart and previous PokerStars sporting heroes Neymar Junior and Cristiano Ronaldo having varying success at the tables before fronting the site globally – but with the sprinting mega-star due to retire soon he will doubtless be looking for new challenges and new paymasters.

Bolt said of his new ambassadorial role:

"PokerStars is a winner and I'm happy to join Kevin in helping to bring poker and PokerStars to the masses. It's a challenging game that's fun, social and competitive so I'm pleased to be able to introduce it to my fans and to people around the world."

The press release stated that ‘Bolt will represent PokerStars in marketing campaigns and live appearances geared toward introducing new audiences to poker’, according to Eric Hollreiser, Vice President of Corporate Communications at PokerStars.

"Usain Bolt is a fierce competitor who pushes his game to the limits," Hollreiser said. "But he's also one of the most-liked athletes in the world. His strong global following and winning personality will help us to introduce poker in a fun, social and fast way."

With Hart vowing to ‘Make Poker Fun’ it seems that Bolt’s signing may well allow PokerStars to introduce yet another new game along the lines of ‘Make Poker Fast’ – good news for purely recreational players, but likely not so good for proper poker players.

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