Playground Poker Club BBJ Blows Minds At $1.375 Million

5 years ago
Playground Poker Club BBJ Blows Minds At $1.375 Million
30 Apr

Our hero is ‘Kwane R’ who gets pocket queens UTG+1 at his local $2/$5 no limit hold’em game at the Playground Poker Club (the club is located in the Kahnawake First Nations reservation, so bear in mind the currency here is le dollar canadien).

He is raises to $25 and gets four callers including our evenings vilain one ‘Daniel F’ who is sat in the small blind. The flop comes out wetter than a well-diggers socks: As-Qs-Jd. Still not much to panic our hero who, with just $100 left behind, puts all the tea over the lin and is snapped off by our check-calling villain.

No one flips their cards and the dealer turns the turn: Qh. Four little maids all in a row for Kwane, who we must imagine smirking into his card protector. 

Then off comes the harmless Ts on the river and Kwane has but one hand to worry about. The royal flush in spades if Daniel were to flip the Ks-Js. Which of course is exactly what Daniel turns over.

And the table goes quiet, until someone points out that this has to qualify for the BBJ. The game stops, as someone does the maths

The game is six handed when the Ts fell, which means the $1,375,265 splits as follows: Kwane gets $522,622 for losing his $125 bet. The notorious Daniel took home $261,311 for his role in vanquishing Kwane, and everyone else at the table at the time gets $37,328 for their six minutes of nose picking.

Across the whole poker room every other player picked up $5,938 just for breathing the same bad luck air as the bad beat boy. So everyone wins, especially the losers. Apart from whoever has to tidy up the paper confetti. They hosed the table down with.

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