Poker Commentator Jesse Abramowitz Blasted by Tony Miles Over "Robbing Comment"

6 months ago
Poker Commentator Jesse Abramowitz Blasted by Tony Miles Over
18 Aug

Poker Night in America Commentator Jesse Abramowitz found himself in hot water this week after making an ill-advised joke about robbing a poker player during a livestreamed cash game…

Last year’s WSOP Main Event runner-up Tony Miles was less-than-amused at Abramowitz’s joke comment, aimed at Miles’ friend Quinn Bruno, the commentator saying:

“…we should all just follow this guy home and rob him. Who’s onboard?”

One Twitter user summed up a general feeling that it was simply in poor taste, given that several poker players have been robbed in recent times after leaving cardrooms

The Tom Steinbach incident was particularly grave, the player and Instagrammer known as 3betpanda narrowly surviving a gunpoint robbery outside the Texas Card House.

Jody Fayant tweeted the result of his own horrific attack, stating that ‘this shit happens’

Just this week, police in Missouri arrested a gunman who followed his poker-playing victim for an hour, running him off the road and robbing him of around $500.

Abramowitz was suitably chastened by the Twitter haranguing he got for his off-the-cuff remarks, apologising profusely for any offence he had caused…

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