Poker Tweets: What the Pros Are Saying On Social Media

11 months ago
Poker Tweets: What the Pros Are Saying On Social Media
18 Nov

Taking a spin around Twittersphere, we find that poker pros sometimes post some, well, interesting comments. Let's see what some of them have had to say so far this month.

Say it Ain't So, Kitty

The life of a poker pro certainly has its ups and downs. Dealing with variance can be a bitch at times, and that feeling of needing a break and stepping away from action for awhile is not an uncommon occurrence.

It apparently happened to Kitty Kuo, who announced to her Twitter followers that it was time for a respite from the game:

Kitty's break from action lasted all of one day. After sleeping on it, she seemingly had a change of heart and a renewed spirit and attitude:

How Many Bitcoins Would it Take?

The skyrocketing value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has everybody talking, and everybody wanting to get in on the action. As of this writing, one single BTC is worth $7,831.02.

Back in April, one Bitcoin was trading at $1,349.19. In a little over six months, the value has jumped almost 600%.

The surge in price was not lost on Cherish Andrews, who had this to say earlier this month with regard to wanting to increase her BTC and cryptocurrency holdings:

I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering how long the line of men wanting to take Cherish up on her offer is. And from the looks of some of her past tweets, there may be a few women in that line as well.

#MeToo Far?

I could write a book concerning all the tweets from poker pros regarding the #MeToo movement that has been sweeping the nation. Older men in power sexually assaulting younger girls is apparently nothing new. What is new is that women are finally speaking out and exposing the abuse suffered.

By now you've likely heard of the Twitter spat between James Woods and Daniel Negreanu that was covered by PokerTube here. Let's sort of stay on the topic, but instead hear what Mike Matusow has to say. The Mouth makes the point that perhaps things have gone a bit too far:

Childish POTUS

If you're in shock and aghast at some of the tweets that come from the idiotic US president whose time in office has been far worse than anyone likely could have imagined, you're part of a growing club. KidPoker is part of that club and has been quite vocal about his dislike for the POTUS.

The following tweet by Negreanu was spot-on with regard to Donald Trump's mental state:

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