PokerStars NL Players Championship

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PokerStars NL Players Championship
09 Sep

PSPC will take place in Barcelona

The PokerStars NL Players Championship will return in August 2020 for its 2nd instalment. This high-stakes tournament got off to a scintillating start in January 2019, when the Atlanta resort in the Bahamas opened its doors to the tournament’s participants for five days of world-class poker. Last year’s event saw some genuinely spectacular displays of wide-open gaming that threw out several surprises, not least of all with a relative unknown, Ramón Colillas from Spain, taking home the $5.1 million winner’s prize money.

Colillas, by no means a complete newcomer, but, with only $10,000 in live cashes to his name before arriving at the event, was obviously considered a rank outsider in a tournament which included the likes of Marc Perrault and Talal Shakerchi, and the fact that such an underdog was able to get a place at the table in such a high-stakes tournament is what makes the PSPC so special. He eliminated Julien Martini at the final table of the inaugural PSPC to become the event’s first champion.

Platinum Pass

Colillas was one of over 300 players who won a Platinum Pass which granted access to the tournament as well as providing hotel and travel expenses. Each Platinum Pass was worth $30,000, which, in addition to the $1 million awarded to the winner, made sure there was some serious value on the cards for PSPC 2019!

Platinum Passes have already been awarded to several players for the 2020 PSPC, and there will be various ways for hopeful players to get their hands on them over the coming year. The PSPC’s unique format widens participation in high roller tournaments to players who wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity to compete in a $25,000 buy-in tournament. As a result, at the PSPC you'll get the poker greats sharing tables with small-time players hoping to make a name for themselves. This combination of high-ranking professionals and armchair enthusiasts creates a fascinating dynamic at the tables that will result in some really interesting poker and lots of exciting action.

Upcoming event

Barcelona has been chosen as the venue for the 2020 PSPC, and it would be difficult to imagine a better backdrop against which to get down to some serious poker. The city has been the setting for various poker events in the past and is well set up to meet the demands of hosting top-flight poker tournaments. What’s going to be different this time, is that, among the recognizable faces of famous poker players, at the PSPC there are going to be some very unknown entities who, like Calillas at PSPC 2019, could prove to be a real giant-killer.

2019 PSPC champion Ramón Colillas

This unique format, however, doesn’t just make the PSPC attractive to the low-stakes and recreational players: with less experienced players in there, plus the additional $1 million prize money, high-stakes players are going to be licking their licks at the value the PSPC offers. Oh, did I mention there’s no rake? This value is what prompted over 1,000 entries in PSPC 2019, making it the largest $25,000 buy-in event ever.


So, what can we expect from the upcoming 2020 event? Well, based on the 2019 outcome, it’s more than likely that no one will be underestimating the Platinum Pass players, no matter how little experience they bring to the table with them when they arrive in Barcelona next August. Established pros from the poker elite may well find themselves under pressure from lesser-known players, which may force them to reconsider their strategies and playing styles. Platinum Pass players, on the other hand, may find themselves playing more aggressively and openly due to the lack of pressure - and freedom from high expectations - that come from being an underdog who gained a seat at the table without shelling out the $25,000.

Keep your eyes peeled for news and updates on how to win Platinum Passes for your chance to follow in Ramon Colillas’ footsteps and become the next unknown quantity to get a chance to give the pros a run for their money at the PSPC.

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