PokerStars' Players to Determine SCOOP Event #57 with Facebook Vote

3 years ago
PokerStars' Players to Determine SCOOP Event #57 with Facebook Vote
05 May

The 2017 Spring Championship of Online Poker is already underway and PokerStars is once again allowing players to have a say regarding what game type should be offered in an upcoming event.

The SCOOP #57 tournament scheduled for May 22 will be decided via popular vote by PokerStars players, with voting to be done on Facebook. There are four game choices, each one selected by a Team PokerStars Pro Online.

The four pros, Randy Lew, Lex Veldhuis, Jaime Staples and Mikhail Shalamov have all given reasons as to why players should vote for their respective game choices. But it is ultimately the players who will decide, so take a look at the offerings available below and click your way over to Facebook to vote.

Lex Veldhuis - 6-max Pot Limit Omaha

PLO has been rising in popularity due to players getting better at Texas Hold'em. It's a much looser game, which adds to the fun.

"I'm proud to champion a tourney like this,” stated Veldhuis. "Every street is an all-out war because people can represent so many different hands. Even when you're short stacked in tournaments there is a still a lot of room to play."

Randy Lew - 6-max No Limit Hold'em Deep Stacks Turbo

Another 6-max selection by 'nanonoko' and its not surprising that Lew went that route considering that much of his time is spent at 6-max cash game action. Having a large stack will make the event last longer, but that will be offset somewhat by the turbo pace.

"I think a lot of times in tournaments we don't get the option of playing with deep stacks like in cash games," Lew said, "so I would love to see more deeper stacked tournaments come into play."

Jaime Staples - Progressive KO

In the midst of a prop bet that requires him to lose a ton of weight, we may see a slimmed-down version of Staples in the future. We may also see more Progressive Knockout tournaments, as Jaime believes that such events "are the future of tournament poker."

"I think my format is going to win," the Twitch star stated. "Making the tournament slow down towards the end lengthens the 'exciting parts' of the tournament and lets the true players shine. I am pumped to play it!"

Mikhail Shalamov - Win the Button Turbo

The player that wins the pot also wins the button and the advantage of acting last on the next hand. A different kind of strategy is involved as players hope to avoid the blinds. Tight players on my right please!

"I think this format is great, even when you're not in the hand you get to cheer for other people to win the pot so that you don't have to post the big blind," said Shalamov. "It's especially interesting when blinds are significant, so turbo format works best."

Voting for the Players' Choice SCOOP event is open on Facebook until Monday, May 8. Popular vote will decide the event to be played at 14:00 ET on May 22, the very last 2017 SCOOP tournament.

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