Randy "nanonoko" Lew

Randy 'nanonoko' Lew is probably most commonly known for having one of the most ridiculously profitable poker graphs in history.

Randy 'nanonoko' Lew is probably most commonly known for having one of the most ridiculously profitable poker graphs in history. Many graphs flew around the internet around the time Lew started to become a big deal in the poker world, with some showing an almost perfect steady bankroll increase from $0 to around $2m.

Lew used skills learned from playing video games competitively, travelling to events and such, on the poker tables, and soon realised he had huge potential. Lew is a memer of Team Online on PokerStars and has achieved Supernova Elite status several times now. He achieved this by 24-tabling 6max NLH games on there, which was brought to light through his small PokerStars documentary.

He actually holds the record in the Guiness World Records playing 23,493 online hands in eight hours, and ending up profitable. Randy Lew is the type of player that everyone wishes they could be, but the sad reality is that he is a special breed. Not many human beings can 24-table at all, never mind be as profitable as him.

Not only is Lew a beast on the online felt, he's also proven his worth live, with several very healthy cashes in the APPT, PCA, and WSOP. The type of videos you can expect from nanonoko are fun, light hearted affairs, with some very insightful and excellent advice through his poker coaching videos.

Biggest Wins

23rd January 2011 Aussie Millions A$10k NLH Main Event 10th A$100,000

23rd November 2011 APPT HK$30k NLH Main Event 1st HK$3,772,000

12th January 2012 PCA $25k NLH 8max HR 8th $108,780

23rd June 2012 WSOP $1.5k NLH 12th $37,657

7th June 2013 WSOP $10k NLH HU 8th $54,024

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