Rapper Nelly Insulted During Poker Game

6 months ago
Rapper Nelly Insulted During Poker Game
08 Feb

Hip Hop star Nelly has hit the headlines after a casino rant went viral, the rapper unhappy about a fellow player slagged off his play and told him to ‘get under my nuts!’

The 45-year old Texan double Grammy award-winner – whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. – can be seen and heard arguing with a pit boss at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, according to TMZ.

The Mohegan Sun itself, however, said that the footage “does not look to be” from their casino, while several other casinos also said it wasn’t from their establishments.

The del Lago Resort & Casino where Nelly performed last Saturday evening, told CTPost news outlet "we can confirm that the video was not shot at del Lago Resort & Casino."

Wherever the incident actually happened, it appears that the confrontation arose over a game of Casino Hold’em, with a fellow player of the table game reportedly telling Nelly “you don’t know how to play”.

This was followed by the “get under my nuts” insult, with Nelly replying “get off my nuts, bro!” before the floor became involved.

With the casino employee claiming not to have heard the insults, a by now irate Nelly complained several times that:

“I expect you to be on their side.”

Another player at the table can then be heard asking to cash out and leaving the table.

Nelly is far from the first rapper to court problems and controversy at casinos.

We reported last year on Meek Mill’s run in with The Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas, the rapper calling the casino “racist as hell” after being denied entry, posting the confrontation with security on Instagram

In 2018 we reported on Public Enemy legend Flavor Flav being assaulted in the lounge of the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, his attacker cited for misdemeanour battery, with video footage again going viral via TMZ…

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