Rob Yong Experiments With partypoker Live MILLIONS Dual Entry System

4 months ago
Rob Yong Experiments With partypoker Live MILLIONS Dual Entry System
13 Jun

Dusk Till Dawn casino supremo Rob Yong has taken to social media to explain partypoker’s new Main Event experiment, a unique and exciting initiative to combine both live and online entries to their MILLIONS Live flagship tournaments…

The basic premise of the newly-devised dual entry system for the partypoker MILLIONS Live Main Events across the globe is that the qualifying routes are split into two branches:

  • Online route: Online day 1 and day 2 are played on partypoker
  • Live route: Live day 1 and day 2 are played in the venue

A simple enough system, and the big plus point is that those who survive the day 1 and day 2 sessions from both routes are already in the money when they reach day 3 – combining to play the event out live.

Yong explains the reasons behind the experiment thus:

“What I’m trying to do here is:

a)   Allow people to play the tournament who can’t take 4 or 5 days off work

b)   Cut down on player’s expenses and,
c)    Allow people to be in then money when they arrive at the venue"

He adds:

“I’m hoping that by experimenting with the change we can start to bring more people into the Main Event – and therefore win titles”.

The plan has already been met with praise from players

…and although partypoker pros Bertrand ElkY Grospelier and Patrick Leonard can’t exactly be classed as neutral, they clearly like the sound of the initiative…

For those wondering how much time they’ll have between the online day 1 and 2 and the live Main Event day 3, the answer was quick to appear…

As with all of partypoker’s recent eco-changes, Yong explains:

“We’ll experiment with this and, like all things, if it doesn’t work – players don’t like it – then we won’t do it”.

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