Rob Yong on partypoker’s Fairplay Fight Against Cheats, Colluders and Bots

1 year ago
Rob Yong on partypoker’s Fairplay Fight Against Cheats, Colluders and Bots
10 Jul

Rob Yong has sent shockwaves through the poker industry with his release of partypoker’s latest Fairplay commitment – one that will hopefully see live and online operators sharing information on ‘cheats, colluders and bots’

The Dusk Till Dawn Casino owner and partypoker partner has been an integral part of the recent improvements made by partypoker to level the playing field, a ban on HUDs and hand histories chief among the new developments.

 Asking players to create new online nicknames was part of that same process, designed to rid the system of millions upon millions of hands of histories – those databases now obsolete.

The past few months have also seen partypoker take the fight to the online poker bots, hundreds of accounts closed and huge sums of money seized.

Among a host of other positive changes, the majority in reply to player feedback, cash game decision times were recently reduced

As well as aiming to improve player experience and make the games more enjoyable, partypoker explained that

“…the settings are very old, so we are aligning with the industry standard for a faster more exciting game.”

John Duthie, founder and long-time CEO of the EPT and now President of partypoker LIVE echoed Yong’s views on the Fairplay commitment, stating:

“You cheat anywhere, you can't play anywhere”.

Although there are some doubters in the poker community, the 81% support in Yong’s Twitter poll seems to show quite clearly that the vast majority want to see something done to make poker a safer and fairer game.

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