Rob Yong’s Insane €48k Call vs Sam Trickett With 5 High

5 years ago
Rob Yong’s Insane €48k Call vs Sam Trickett With 5 High
15 Feb

Here’s a poker question for you all: how good do your odds need to be to call a €48,000 all-in bet in a cash game… when you’re basically holding a 5 high hand and the pot is sitting at €128,000? That’s the dilemma Dusk Till Dawn Casino supremo Rob Yong faced this week against high-stakes pro Sam Trickett in the Big Game… and his answer turned out to be a stroke of ‘genius’!

Some of the biggest names in poker have gathered in Rozvadov in the Czech Republic this week, Leon Tsoukernik’s Kings Casino hosting the partypoker MILLIONS Live, and while the majority are plying their skills in the massive €12.5million guaranteed series of tournaments, the popular televised high stakes cash game has drawn a crowd too.

A host of seasoned pros and VIP businessmen are taking their shot at the Big Game with partypoker ambassador Trickett and Dusk till Dawn owner Rob Yong joined by the likes of Lithuanian poker guru-turned-politician Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga and the legendary Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom, as well as PDC Darts World Champion Michal Van Gerwen.

Back to the amazing hand from the No Limit part of Big Game 2, and Trickett set Yong what didn’t seem to be a very tricky problem, shoving his €48k stack on the following board…

Yong: 5♥ 2♥

Trickett: 8♠ 4♠

Board: 3♠ 10♠ 4♦ 7♥

…with plenty of action coming before this, Trickett raising the straddled blinds of €400/800 pre-flop, and 3-betting Tsoukernik and Yong’s bet/call on the flop, getting rid of the Kings Casino boss in the process.

Yong, however, seem tied to his lovely little up and down wheel and gutshot draws, despite being only 22% against completely random hands after the turn, viewers able to see that against Trickett’s actual 3rd pair and flush draw he was only 18%.

Do the maths and it’s easy to see this is a fold, but Trickett – apparently already down €300K or so on his Big Game Czech adventure – somehow managed to get inside Yong’s head, and Yong finally called with his 5 high, making the pot a huge €176,100.

♣ ♥ ♠ ♦

What happened next? Check out the incredible river finale below…

… or replay the entire hand here – or indeed all 3 sessions of the Big Game so far starting here.

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