Rounders Star Edward Norton in Talks of Rounders 2

1 year ago
Rounders Star Edward Norton in Talks of Rounders 2
13 Nov

If you like poker, A-list actors, or just the thrill of high stakes gambling, then Rounders is definitely your cup of tea. Seen as the film that brought poker to its mainstream forefront around 1998, it seems a movie franchise might be the next step in the poker film industry. At least that’s what Edward Norton dubbed in an interview with Rich Eisen recently.

Two Decades Later

With massive success surrounding the films release, Norton spoke of how he and movie star Matt Damon received coaching from some of the all time legends, such as Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth, before the films first screening. However on the creation of a sequel, announces that it would have to be ‘right’, with the characters needing to be in a ‘different phase in their lives’. We hope 20 years would be enough time to see Norton’s character ‘Worm’ have built up a bankroll.

Begging the Return

With some of poker’s biggest stars eager to get the film returned to screens. Daniel Negreanu speaks on behalf of the poker community in a recent tweet to Brian Koppelman. As it just so happens, the Billions creator has hinted that it may be liable to return in the future

The hyped up franchise may just be on its way after all.

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