Sam Greenwood Loses $1.2m Pot With a Flush

4 years ago
Sam Greenwood Loses $1.2m Pot With a Flush
30 Sep

Tom Dwan wasn’t the only one who Paul Phua won a gigantic pot off of in the Triton $1 million cash game - Sam Greenwood was the “victim” of a $1.2 million cooler against the Asian businessman.

The trouble started for Greenwood when he decided to raise up 54 suited under the gun and got four callers - not what you’re hoping for. Dominik Nitsche, Nikita Bodyakovskiy, Patrik Antonius and Paul Phua all chose to match the 2.3 BB open to see the flop.

The flop came 76K , no doubt great for Greenwood who got an open-ended straight draw with a low flush draw to go with it. He c-bet small, less than third pot, Phua re-raised his higher flush draw in response. Everyone got out of the way except Greenwood - including Antonius with his off-suit open-ender - so the players saw the turn heads-up, for a pot that grew to nearly $250K.

The fourth street, however, was catastrophic for the Canadian cardplayer: the J gave both him and his opponent a flush. Phua peaked at his cards, as though he was checking for a spade draw, and bet $125K more. 

Greenwood called him, as well as an additional riverbet on the 4 river - then he had to be faced with a Queen-high flush. A $1.2 million pot went Phua’s way.

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