Sam Greenwood Slams Daniel Negreanu Over Crass Tweets

1 year ago
Sam Greenwood Slams Daniel Negreanu Over Crass Tweets
22 Jan

Canadian high-stakes crushers Sam Greenwood and Daniel Negreanu have clashed on the Twitter platform over some crass tweeting. The Toronto natives are known for frequently speaking their minds on social media and Greenwood took exception to Negreanu’s harsh castigation of super tight players - AKA nits - and brought up another still sore point.

Negreanu was obviously not in his usual cheerful mood and started a rant on the worst player types in poker. The thread quickly became quite popular and people soon turned on Negreanu’s uncharacteristic negative posting style.

Then Sam Greenwood made a point which many around the community share his sentiments with, particularly after four years of bad news from PokerStars.

The taste of the Full Tilt Poker rip off scandal is still strong but probably not as strong as the feeling towards Negreanu for still promoting the brand. When asked why he doesn’t feel the same towards the likes of Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel, Greenwood answered:

Negreanu has become a popular figure of fun for his previous long time standing at the top of the live tournament winnings ladder yet perceived to be weak online. Of course, this is mostly by keyboard warriors who have limited understanding of poker but the perception persists. His controversial comments on rake were likely taken out of context, but still, he does rub people up the wrong way on many subjects.

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