Stefan Schillhabel Wins Seminole LHPO $50K SHR For $493,000

3 years ago
Stefan Schillhabel Wins Seminole LHPO $50K SHR For $493,000
20 Jan

Twenty-five entries plunked down $50,000 for the Super High Roller at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida and Stefan Schillhabel outlasted them all to win the title and $493,000.

The two-day event featured the biggest buy-in of the 2018 Lucky Hearts Poker Open and came with a $1 million guarantee, which was eclipsed to the tune of a $1,232,500 prize pool. Paydays were reserved for the top five finishers, all of whom made for a talented final table that Schillhabel called "the toughest final table I’ve ever played.”

Day 1 consumed more than 13 hours of poker action and sent 20 entries home minus a bag and tag. The five remaining players came back for Day 2 with the knowledge that the worst they could do was fifth place prize money of $98,600.

Day 2

David Peters was the shortest stack among the five and wasted no time getting his chips in the middle with suited A-5. He shoved on the third hand dealt of the day, but ran into the A-Q of Spaniard Adrian Mateos, who scooped the pot and sent Peters packing when a queen landed on the flop.

Next to exit was Nick Petrangelo, whose pocket fives held a slight edge over the K-J of Justin Bonomo before the community cards were dealt. Bonomo paired his jack on the flop and Petrangelo received no help on 4th and 5th streets, forced to leave the table in 4th place with a cash of $135,575.

Bonomo began Day 2 as chipleader and found himself among the last three players remaining, but then lost a big hand to Schillhabel before making a mild comeback by doubling up versus Mateos. With his stack dwindling, Bonomo hoped A-2 in the hole would provide another double up, however, Schillhabel ended his day by tabling A-9.

Mateos squared off versus Schillhabel with the advantage in chips and the two sparred for more than two hours heads-up. The German eventually managed to build up a 2-1 lead in chips before claiming the Super High Roller title when he connected for two pair on the flop, sending Mateos home as runner-up, the second time the Spaniard just missed winning a Super High Roller at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Schillhabel ran his career winnings past $8.5 million with the victory, yet remained a humble champion, with a tip of his cap to his opponents.

“Just try to play my best against these guys,” Schillhabel told Seminole Hard Rock officials. "It’s hard to exploit them. So you just have to play your best game and not be exploited yourself.”

$50K Lucky Hearts Poker Open Super High Roller Results:

1Stefan Schillhabel
2Adrian Mateos
3Justin Bonomo
4Nick Petrangelo
5David Peters

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