Scott Baumstein Wins WPT Deepstacks Hollywood For $223,238

3 years ago
Scott Baumstein Wins WPT Deepstacks Hollywood For $223,238
19 Jan


The Lucky Hearts Poker Open started on Thursday the 11th January with the $1,100 WPT Deepstack event. For a mid-range non-WSOP tourney it hauled in a serious crowd; over the three day one tranches 1,366 players bought themselves in, exceeding the $1 million guaranteed prize pool by about a third.

The tournament is one of a series put on by the WPT in collaboration with Deepstacks, combining in their words “the WPT’s industry-leading brand with DeepStack’s cutting-edge approach to mid-major poker.”

They also live stream the final table which you can watch here:

The Deepstacks

Of the 1,366 starters 171 were slated to pick up some prize money ranging from a few grand for the min-cashes and $233,238 for first place. There was also a $3,000 WPT Deepstacks Championship package for lucky number one.

JJ Liu and Josh Schwartz bought the farm before the bubble burst but the WSOP’s 2015 Main Event bracelet holder, Joe McKeehen was there right up until the final moments when he co-bubbled in 172nd place with Mukul Pahuja. After that is was a race to the final table where 9th place would be going home with $22,025.

Heads Up

When it came down to heads up Scott Baumstein found himself a 2-1 chip leader against his opponent Lumni Zhuta, but he struggled to land the final blow. Time and time again he got Zhuta down to almost nothing and over and over again Zhuta crawled back into the game.

The final blow came in the end with both players short stacked and less than 35 bb between them. Baumstein shoved with K-J offsuit and Zhuta called with a suited 7-6.

A seven on the T-7-x flop put Zhuta ahead briefly but Baumstein hit a runner-runner straight with a queen and a ten on the turn and river. Zhuta had Baumstein covered, but only by two big blinds which he handed over forthwith in the next hand.

Sounding rather world weary for someone who just earned himself an extra $223,238 to declare on his tax returns, Baumstein said:

"I feel good, I'm just glad it's over. It was a long day, I ran well, and that's what you have to do to win poker tournaments."

Final Table Results:

1Scott Baumstein
2Lumni Zhuta
3Matt Zarcadoolas
4Stephen Smith
5AJ Kelsall
6Justin Harvell
7Ramon Miquel
8Ness Reilly
9Michael Aron

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