StreamHouse Dominate PSC Invitational

4 years ago
StreamHouse Duo Dominate Twitch Streamers PSC Invitational
15 Jan


It was a Twitch TV 1-2-3 in the Bahamas yesterday as Jaime Staples took down fellow Stream House pro Kevin Martin to scoop the $6000 top prize, with Jeff Gross finishing in 3rd spot in the PSC Invitational.

The trio found themselves up against the might of Chris Moneymaker, Randy ‘nanoko’ Lew and billionaire Bill Perkins in the $1k buy-in ‘Twitch n Go’, and the very first hand gave an indication of the fun to come, Moneymaker flopping an ace high flush but Staples rivering a boat – his call of Moneymaker’s bet leading the commentators to cry in anguish:

"Just calllllll?"

Staples knows what he’s doing though, a very deep run in the Main Event of the new ‘Championship’ event which has replaced the Caribbean Adventure thrilling his thousands of fans and making my recent negative article on him look very silly indeed.

My moaning about his vlog disappearing prompted Jaime to explain to me...

"The vlog is the third project I have. It will fall by the wayside when other projects need to be worked on.”

Other projects being broadcasting “over 230 hours in December with over 600,000 hours of content watched,” and leaving Jaime “really happy with where the community is going right now.” Plus winning in the Bahamas!

Hands up Jaime, I was wrong, you da man!

So what’s up next for the Twitch TV favorite?

"After Bahamas and the PokerStars Championship and a little family time, I will be ready to get streaming again in Vienna with my brother and fellow streamer PokerstaplesPA, Matt.”

Someone else who’s next move will likely be poker, travel and adventure-related is Bill Perkins. Although a $1k buy-in (or any of the buy-ins and prizes this week) might seem like mere pocket change to Perkins, the billionaire knows the value of money.

The philanthropist and poker fanatic recently handed out 21 packages to the Bahamas to fans of his Twitch channel ‘The Thirst Lounge’, with buy-ins and coaching from a field of experts to help them along the way.

As he explained:

"Most of them are playing for a lot smaller stakes, so giving them $1,500 in buy-ins allows them to have that experience. A lot of people who were watching the show trying to get in are poker fanatics or grinders. I thought it was just a great thing to do.”

The first of the winners, the wonderfully-named Jimmy Bluffett (surely not real!) has been having an amazing time courtesy of ‘Team Perkins’ as his recent tweet shows…

So big Bahamas wins for Jaime Staples and big Bahamas kudos to Bill Perkins, both bringing some sunshine into the poker world!

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