SunnyBooy Poised to Cross the $200k SPINS Rakeback Milestone on partypoker

4 months ago
SunnyBooy Poised to Cross the $200k SPINS Rakeback Milestone on partypoker
17 Apr

They say that history doesn’t remember who came second, but they will when SunnyBooy crosses the $200k rake mark on partypoker and joins the Diamond Club Elite – the SPINS grinder less than $5k away from a remarkable achievement

SunnyBooy may have come second in the partypoker VIP rakerace against Russian online player sp0ubledy – who crossed the magic $200k milestone last week to land a $100k bonus and 100% rakeback for the next year – but it’s still a fantastic effort.

Sitting on $195,306.54 in rake paid since the Diamond Club Elite status was launched on February 1st this year, it will only be a matter of days before SunnyBooy bursts through the barrier to stake his own cashback and bonus claims.

When partypoker launched their version of the old SuperNovaElite club used by rivals PokerStars, it wasn’t clear that anyone could play regularly enough to bag the VIP status.

That idea has been blown out of the water this month, and there will probably be a third member of the SPINS VIP club in the not too distant future, with arianaGrande7 sitting on $130k only 10 weeks into the year-long challenge.

Here are the top 5 DC Elite SPINS players to date…

DC Elite SPINS top 5

sp0ubledy $216,384.78
SunnyBooy $195,306.54
arianaGrande7 $130,501.77
iRYtElFHABOT $45,630.00
Jossel2008 $35,740.34

Although sp0ubledy lifted the $100k plus 100% rakeback bonus, there will be plenty more to go round when SunnyBooy or any other player breaks the magical figure, partypoker’s list of bonuses, below, guaranteed to keep the high-volume grinders at the tables…

  • Up to 60% Cashback
  • $10,000 Cash reward at $100,000 milestone
  • $20,000 Cash reward $200,000 milestone
  • Full package to MILLIONS World, The Bahamas (in November 2019 worth over $16k)
  • Entry to MILLIONS Online (in 2019 worth $10,300)
  • Dedicated 24/7 support lines
  • VIP service at MILLIONS events

The Cash game version of the same bonuses on offer are proving a bit tougher to reach, but one player is already almost halfway there, I_AGAINST_ALL closing in on the $100k rake mark.

That will be worth an instant $10k in cash, and if the grinder an hold on to that huge lead and cross the $200k mark before February next year, it will be worth 100% rakeback and a $100k bonus, just like sp0ubledy.

DC Elite Cash games top 10

I_AGAINST_ALL $97,365.13
greenforest303 $48,064.31
esp188 $43,898.54
flsh2013 $43,759.20
yungmanco $42,392.09

In the .eu market, the top SPINS players will be touch and go for the year-long challenge and it could well come down to a nailbiting last few weeks early in 2020 before we know if anyone has snared the DC Elite status.

 .Eu figures


fr_FrenchMoney €38,110.36
pe_Educ4p0ker €36,104.12
pe_jesustabakko €23,761.69



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