Tempers Flare. Negreanu to Face Trump in Poker/MMA Contest

4 years ago
Negreanu Trump to Fight Poker and MMA
01 Apr

The recent twitter spat between Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu and Donald Trump has been taken to a new level, with the controversial presidential hopeful agreeing to a poker and MMA bout to take place on the US Mexican border.

Negreanu has recently called out Trump on a number of issues, including offering a $100,000 bet on the size of the Republican’s penis. The poker legend also recently changed his citizenship from Canadian to American in order to be eligible to vote against trump come November.

The latest blow in Negreanu’s broadside against the billionaire business mogul was posted yesterday on Twitter, offering Trump the chance to take him on, not just at the card table, but in a televised MMA bout. Negreanu tweeted….

In a remarkable turn of events, an irate Trump actually responded to Negreanu’s fight offer, replying,

Trump’s anger at Negreanu’s constant Twitter campaign against him was evident from a previous outburst during the Iowa primaries.

When questioned about his controversial claims that “after I build the wall at the Mexican border, I will start one on the Canadian side”, Trump shook his fist at the reporter and shouted, “I can't believe this! People like Negreanu have been coming to the US for years and stealing our money. Enough is enough.”

It is widely believed that Trump has already planned for the poker and MMA bout by enlisting the help of the Instagram king, Dan Bilzerian, with whom he has been close friends since they met at a Republican-sponsored NRA shoot-a-thon last summer.

Negreanu, however, is a well-known martial arts expert – having trained at the world-famous Krav Maga school in Ontario, set up by ex-Mossad agent and 17th Dan sensei Apreel Fuule in 1999.

Trump’s poker prowess has not been tested since his college days, when he played at his Alma Mater, Hampton University, a private, historically black institution in Virginia. Among the institution's notable alumni are Alberta Williams King, mother of Martin Luther King Jr., and Booker T. Washington, influential African-American educator.

The poker world is buzzing with news of the bout. Fellow high-stakes supremo Phil Ivey tweeting,

Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, who has faced both Negreanu on the poker table and Trump in intercollegiate karate contests, has a different opinion however.

Speaking exclusively to pokertube.com from his hotel cell in Macau, Dwan claimed that “Trump has an amazing heads-up record here in Macau”, adding that Negreanu’s martial arts expertise is not as great as he has claimed.

We ended up fighting in the parking lot after I sucked out on him in High Stakes Poker Season 5. His jab was weak and his roundhouse kicks were poorly executed,” adding that the fight ended when, “I took him down with a flying knee which I had practiced with Anderson Silva.”

The venue for the fight has yet to be announced, but sources close to Trump claim that the sewage treatment plant on the San Diego side of the borderwith Tijuana would be appropriate, as “Donald will send Negreanu back where he belongs, in Mexico with the other Canadians.”

Pokertube.com will keep you updated on the latest developments, including Jason Somerville’s Twitch coverage of the bout, which is expected to draw a record 5 million viewers on pay-for-poker TV in collaboration with UFC prop bets studio. We look forward to watching Kid Poker send Trump to the rail, however, some sources have pointed out that today is April 1st so none of this is likely to be accurate.

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